Biyernes, Mayo 27, 2016

Meet "Oinky" My First Micro Crochet Amigurumi

I have bumps in my micro crochet journey. I tried to crochet using different size of threads with my micro crochet hooks.
Sadly my first attempt was such a learning experience. I broke my brand new 5 euro, 0.35mm Tulip crochet hook. Just after I took these pictures, I tried to use it with a size 80 thread and the tip broke. I should have just stayed on using the size 100 Sew All Gutermann Thread.

I stopped for a while doing micro crochet. Another run of BGC Art Mart was scheduled last May 14 and 15. I also won't deny, I was disappointed when my 0.35mm hook broke. Just when I have finished the ears, the tails and 2 legs.

The good news is I was still able to finish my first micro amigurumi. We went to the province last week and I have brought along my 0.4mm hook, Pink and Black Gutermann Sew All Thread, DMC Woolly for filling and my Penny the Pig pattern from Etsy Cool Source Store.

So meet "Oinky", my cute and tiny, sweet and shy little pig. He stands 0.9cm or 0.36 inches in height.
Crochet with much love and care.

I don't know if I can create a smaller amigurumi after him, although pink, he is a little boy piggy... or is he? Oink! Oink!

Miyerkules, Mayo 4, 2016

Miniatures and Dollhouses Loving Everything Mini and Micro

So one theme lead to another. From Micro Amigurumi to my miniature nursery set, and now miniature DIY Dollhouses.

 For those who have seen my work, one would probably realized my love for making micro and miniature themed polymer clay and silk ribbon embroidered lockets.

I recently incorporated micro text in my recent polymer clay lockets

While others work on big panels for their Ribbon Embroidery, I love making Ribbon Embroidered pendants. 

I love working on small scaled crafts. I am not in anyway surprised to fell in love with DIY Miniature Dollhouses. I watched a YouTube video on the actual assembling of the Dollhouse and I have ordered 2 from AliExpress.

The first one is a carousel and I have found YouTube videos of the finished item and more videos on how to assemble them.  I would probably use it as part of my display set up for my next exhibit/bazaar. See for yourself how adorable this carousel kit is.

The second dollhouse is a hello kitty inspired bedroom. It has a bed and a crib. I just love the pink colors and the rack to hang the dollhouse dress.

The prices are affordable and includes free shipping. Downside only is that it will take about 60 days for me to receive it. 

I hope to finish some micro amigurumis by then. Am I excited? I really am.

Biyernes, Abril 29, 2016

Micro Crochet Tools and Materials

Yehey! My tools and materials are here. I shouldn't be leaving our house today. Tomorrow is BGC Art Mart, the quarterly exhibit/bazaar/show I always participated in and I am busy finishing my crafted items.

But I can definitely squeeze in 2 to 3 hours going to the customs department of our city post office to pick up 2 parcels. These will include the tools and materials so I can start to do micro crochet.

The first parcel, a pretty pink envelope/box was from Micro Crochet by Babette. It was shipped from Netherlands and it included the 3 hooks in sizes 0.35mm, 0.40 mm and 0.50 mm all Tulip brand plus the finest tweezer I have ever seen.

The second parcel was from 123 stitch online store and it includes some 12 spools of Sew All Gutermann threads and 0.5mm Soft Touch Steel Clover Hooks. 

I have build quite a stash of patterns bought from Etsy and I can't wait to try to crochet them all.

Lunes, Abril 25, 2016

Miniatures and Micro Amigurumis

I bought a hoop for my ribbon embroidery kit and just saw a wooden miniature on display. Who can resist this 3 piece nursery set on sale in the same store. It was love at first sight. I thought of my micro amigurumi adventure and saw that it will be a perfect match. 

I imagined myself placing each of my creations in this crib. My youngest daughter was thrilled with this and considers this her toy... our toy.

Linggo, Abril 24, 2016

Classroom 2 Peachy Coral Rose Online Class by Lockets and Crafts

I have opened online classes for Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork. The first one was for Di Van Niekerk's Kit, The Garden Pond.

I only have one kit for this and my student and I have an exclusive Facebook group. Lessons, questions and answers, discussions and videos are included in the group page. 

I tried to do it via a membership site using WordPress, but due to security reasons I find a Facebook group to be more secure and the lessons more personalized.

Classroom 2 was opened today and I already have a student, even before it's opening. The class' projects is this beautiful Peachy Coral Rose done in Satin Ribbons.

This is my first time to use Satin Ribbons. The Roses are equally as beautiful as the ones made from Silk Ribbons. The stitches and techniques are almost the same.

I will be opening a lot of class soon. The lessons are video based and students can watch every step that I make as I stitch the kit.

Miyerkules, Abril 20, 2016

Silk Ribbons Galore ~ Prize from Circle of Roses International Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition

It's here! I have received my prize for Di Van Niekerks Circle of Roses International Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition. $300 worth of Di Van Niekerk's Silk Ribbons in different sizes, 2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 13mm and 32mm. The colors are so yummy that I can't help myself from drooling.

These Di Van Niekerk's Silk Ribbons are for special projects only!

My parcel,  packed and still sealed. Happy dance while I open it.

2mm Di Van Niekerk's Silk Ribbons

4mm Di Van Niekerk's Silk Ribbons

7mm Di Van Niekerk's Silk Ribbons

13mm Di Van Niekerk's Silk Ribbons

32 mm Di Van Niekerk's Silk Ribbons