Biyernes, Abril 29, 2016

Micro Crochet Tools and Materials

Yehey! My tools and materials are here. I shouldn't be leaving our house today. Tomorrow is BGC Art Mart, the quarterly exhibit/bazaar/show I always participated in and I am busy finishing my crafted items.

But I can definitely squeeze in 2 to 3 hours going to the customs department of our city post office to pick up 2 parcels. These will include the tools and materials so I can start to do micro crochet.

The first parcel, a pretty pink envelope/box was from Micro Crochet by Babette. It was shipped from Netherlands and it included the 3 hooks in sizes 0.35mm, 0.40 mm and 0.50 mm all Tulip brand plus the finest tweezer I have ever seen.

The second parcel was from 123 stitch online store and it includes some 12 spools of Sew All Gutermann threads and 0.5mm Soft Touch Steel Clover Hooks. 

I have build quite a stash of patterns bought from Etsy and I can't wait to try to crochet them all.

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