Linggo, Abril 24, 2016

Classroom 2 Peachy Coral Rose Online Class by Lockets and Crafts

I have opened online classes for Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork. The first one was for Di Van Niekerk's Kit, The Garden Pond.

I only have one kit for this and my student and I have an exclusive Facebook group. Lessons, questions and answers, discussions and videos are included in the group page. 

I tried to do it via a membership site using WordPress, but due to security reasons I find a Facebook group to be more secure and the lessons more personalized.

Classroom 2 was opened today and I already have a student, even before it's opening. The class' projects is this beautiful Peachy Coral Rose done in Satin Ribbons.

This is my first time to use Satin Ribbons. The Roses are equally as beautiful as the ones made from Silk Ribbons. The stitches and techniques are almost the same.

I will be opening a lot of class soon. The lessons are video based and students can watch every step that I make as I stitch the kit.

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