Miyerkules, Mayo 4, 2016

Miniatures and Dollhouses Loving Everything Mini and Micro

So one theme lead to another. From Micro Amigurumi to my miniature nursery set, and now miniature DIY Dollhouses.

 For those who have seen my work, one would probably realized my love for making micro and miniature themed polymer clay and silk ribbon embroidered lockets.

I recently incorporated micro text in my recent polymer clay lockets

While others work on big panels for their Ribbon Embroidery, I love making Ribbon Embroidered pendants. 

I love working on small scaled crafts. I am not in anyway surprised to fell in love with DIY Miniature Dollhouses. I watched a YouTube video on the actual assembling of the Dollhouse and I have ordered 2 from AliExpress.

The first one is a carousel and I have found YouTube videos of the finished item and more videos on how to assemble them.  I would probably use it as part of my display set up for my next exhibit/bazaar. See for yourself how adorable this carousel kit is.

The second dollhouse is a hello kitty inspired bedroom. It has a bed and a crib. I just love the pink colors and the rack to hang the dollhouse dress.

The prices are affordable and includes free shipping. Downside only is that it will take about 60 days for me to receive it. 

I hope to finish some micro amigurumis by then. Am I excited? I really am.

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